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About Us

Why Beer?

Beer is fun!  It brings together all different types of people that have one common interest; Beer!  Some of the best conversations happen while enjoying a beer with someone. 

Who Are We?

Deep Sleep Brewing was founded by  Owner/Brewmaster Nick Lyons.  Nick has a passion for brewing, Master's of Science degree, and a desire to make the purest, highest quality craft beer for all to enjoy.  This brewery is a labor of love.  It truly is about making a product that is unique, with high quality ingredients, in a true artisan form.  Nick personally brews each and every batch that comes from Deep Sleep.  

Where is Deep Sleep Brewery?

Deep Sleep Brewery is located in Washington, Missouri.  Deep Sleep Beer is currently being distributed locally in the surrounding areas.  Please see below for a list of locations where Deep Sleep is on tap.  



Racemic Red Ale (Ra-SE-Mic)

This is an Irish Red Ale. Extremely palatable and enjoyable for even those who, "don't like craft beer" ;)  Known for it's reddish hue. This is a malt forward beer with almost zero hop flavor or aroma.  Easy to drink with finishing notes of toffee, caramel, and malt. 


This is one of our favorite beers.  It's a DIPA, but is NOT overly bitter. It has a light to medium body and is made using almost all late-hop additions. This leaves you with a beer that has amazing hop flavor/aroma, but not overly bitter.  All hops have a citrusy/melon character to them, making this a refreshing, easy to drink, citrusy beer.  This is a BIG beer. It usually finishes out at around 9.5-10% ABV!  Enjoy responsibly.  

Deep Sleep on Tap

Listed are the following locations where Deep Sleep is on tap: 

Driftwood Distillery, Washington

Green Duck Restaurant, Washington

Blue Duck Restaurant, Maplewood

Cedar Creek Lodge, New Haven

Tilted Skillet, Washington

Coal Fire Grill, Labadie

T's Liquor Lane, Union

Hawthorne Inn, Labadie

Contact Us

High quality craft beer is our business.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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Deep Sleep Brewing Company

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